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My Picks from Sinful Colors Spring '14 - updated

The titles of my Sinful Colors posts often feel a bit vague.  This time it's my fault.  Rite Aid has two spring displays from them, called Mod In Bloom and Oh My Mod.  Nouveau Cheap posted about them back in January, and I bought my picks from those two displays in February or March.  Since then Walgreens has gotten the same shades, but combined into one larger display.  I swore I'd taken photos of it and...nope!  So now I don't remember what that display was called or if there were additional repromoted shades in it.  Derp.  I might be updating this post sometime in the next few days.  Gotta go to Walgreens to scope out clearanced easter candy on Monday anyway, right?  Derping aside, I wound up with two from each of the two spring displays.  Picking only four from thirteen new shades may seem un-me, but between pastels and near-dupes (as pointed out in this post on Nouveau Cheap), I didn't feel as drawn to these displays.  Oh My Mod also features Energetic Red, which I swatched last summer, so there's a rerun of that at the bottom of this post too.

-update- I am derping left and right. It turns out that Nouveau Cheap did post about the big Walgreens display back in March.  I've added more reruns to the bottom of the post.  Dream On is also included in this larger display, but it's the new version.  They changed the color but kept the name and number.  I'll have a swatch of that up pretty soon.

Violets Are Blue is a light cornflower blue with silvery-white microfleck shimmer.

Sinful Colors must really love this shimmer, since they've used it in numerous polishes over the years.  I can't say I blame them.  It's delicate and soft and adds something to creams without being too showy.  As for Violets Are Blue, this is three coats and it applied well.  I expected it to be at least a little streaky, but it wasn't.

This is the only mattification in today's post, since Violets Are Blue is the only one with really noticeable shimmer.  It mattifies really prettily, with that "suede" look to it.

Nice Stems is a soft turquoise with the tiniest hint of shimmer.

The shimmer's notional.  It's essentially a cream, like most of last year's Sugar Rush shades.  It goes on thick, but a bit patchy.  Two coats would have been enough if not for that, but I had to do a third for evenness.  I love the color!

Beatnick is a bold blue-green with subtle blue and green shimmer.

The misspelled name makes my eyelid twitch, but I love the color!  It's in the same neighborhood as Rise And Shine, Orly Bailamos, and OPI Amazon...Amazoff without being too close to any of them.  The shimmer is stronger in person than it looks here, but still subtle.  It goes on a little runny, so I needed two coats.  I'm wearing it right now and I'm a little worried that my nails will be greenish when I take it off.  Another reason that this post may be getting an update.

-update- I removed Beatnick after about twenty hours of wear.  My nails weren't green.  I did have a few tiny patches of color on them, but they faded.  It did stain my cuticles a little though.

Go Go Boots is a royal purple cream.

warmer in person

My camera flat-out would not get the color right on this one!  It's way less blue than it looks here.  In reality it's closer to NYC Pure Orchid, but not as dark.  The formula is exactly what I want from Sinful Colors, thick but easy.  It's not quite a one-coater for me, but it felt like it really wanted to be.

warmer in person

Rerun time!  You can see my old swatches of Unicorn and Cream Soda here...if you want.  They're not flattering on me.  The rest of the reruns though?  Some of my favorites!

Energetic Red is a very bright orange-toned red crelly.

Clementine is a bright warm orange cream.

Tempest is a bright lilac cream.

Let's Meet is a bright yellow jelly with yellow shimmer.

Innocent is a vivid yellow-green cream.

Bottom line: I like all four of the new shades I showed you guys today, but my strongest recommendations go to Beatnick and Go Go Boots.  Violets Are Blue is a little too soft for my tastes and Nice Stems is lovely, but it's a little patchy.  Still, as spring stuff goes...thumbs up!

So earlier in the week I said I hoped to finish my spring swatching this week.  I have...kinda.  Sally Hansen's Spring Designer Collection is only just starting to come out (so late!?) and I haven't found everything I want from it yet.  My picks from it aren't terribly springy anyway.  Otherwise...yep!  Done!  Next week I'll wind my spring posts down and start shifting into summer.  Yay!  I survived a very pastel season and I'm happy to be moving on to brighter things.


  1. that purple looks like a mellower Models Own Pukka Purple.


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