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Sally Hansen Summerlime

I mention my favorite CVS pretty often and it's because of stuff like this.  I love finding polish I've never seen before, so I was thrilled to spot what turned out to be Sally Hansen's Beach Paradise collection way back in early March.  None of the shades came home with me that day, but I've given them a long look every time I've been back since.  They're a bright and cheery assortment of creams and flecked shimmers, but in the end only one really struck me.

Summerlime is a lime green cream packed with gold microflecks.

I don't think I have anything else remotely like Summerlime!  It reminds me of a finish Zoya does pretty often and might be dupe-ish for a shade of theirs that's completely slipping my mind, but I don't think it is.  The formula reminds me of the shimmers from Zoya's Awaken collection specifically.  This is two coats and it went on very thick.  It's not unworkable, but it tried to drag because of its heavy load of shimmer bits and opaque pigment.  Still, it's distinctive and should be a relief to anyone frustrated with the sheerness of many flecked shimmers.

Mattified, it develops and even more unique and unusual look.

Bottom line:  Its formula has a learning curve, but it's eye-catching and different!

Have you seen this collection anywhere?  I've still only seen it in CVS nail bars, so I'm wondering what its little promo image thing looks like.  I had to do some googling to even find out what this collection was called!


  1. this looks like the grass from a mini golf course.

  2. I found the display in a Walmart in the food side if the store near the air freshners ! Lol this shade is the only one that jumped out at me too! I agree that it reminds me of the Zoya finish of Zuza, only in a green color, hmmm maybe a gradient is in order? 😀

    1. There are so many SH collections out right now, it's a little mind-boggling. I don't have Zuza, but I think you're right!

  3. Does it look brighter on the nail than in the bottle? I bought it tonight based on your great pictures and recommendation, but I don't really love how it looks in the bottle yet. At my Walmart all the Summer Sally Hansen displays are in seasonal. XD

    1. On me, yeah. The gold flecks brighten it and yellow-toned greens sometimes look a bit more intense on me because I'm warm-toned.

  4. Replies
    1. hehe :D I'm still not sure if I *love* it, but it is distinct!


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