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Scouting Expedition: Ulta Beauty

Ulta (and Sephora) are amazing places. Full of wonder and merriment...and makeup. I can't seem to get out of there without looking like I was an extra in an episode of Doctor Who. My husband can always tell when I've been shopping. 

I figured that it might be interesting, for once, to talk about the things I scouted out, and what I ended up buying.

What I swatched:

  1. Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette, $49
  2. Nyx Primal Colors in Hot Pink, $5
  3. Nyx Stick Blush in Tea Rose, $6
  4. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, $26
  5. Anastasia Dipbrow in Ebony, $18
  6. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse in Rich Brown, $28

I had to swatch the new Urban Decay Electric Palette. Had to. Its all over the place, and I've seen some truly amazing looks since it was released. I know that it isn't really "intended" for eyes, but of course that is what I would use it for. I tested it out over bare skin...and it wasn't bad. Not omgawesomeImusthaveyou, but still pretty damned cool. The pearly shimmer the colors have turned my whole hand into a glitter bomb, but the colors stayed on my skin fairly well. But this is definitely going to be one of those "when I have a coupon/UD has a sale" things. I just can't see using this all that often...especially when I have some indie stuff that is equally pigmented at less-than-half the price. (And no, I won't tell you about them yet. Spoilers, sweetie.)

Then, for the hell of it, I tested out the Primal Colors from Nyx. They are, in my opinion, almost as good as the Electric Palette...if you want a pop of color. Hot Pink was definitely more pigmented than the pink in the UD palette, and while the Nyx are sold individually instead of a set...this just means you wont be stuck with a damned silver. I still passed though, because I couldn't find one on the shelf that hadn't already been opened. (seriously people. They have testers! Don't open the sealed ones!)

I had tested out the Tarte blush in exposed, and I loved it. It felt smooth and wonderful on my hand...but at $26 it was a little high for me to buy and still get a brow product that day. When I have some money for burning, I think I may pick this up. It really looks like a universal everyday sort of color. Instead, I wandered over to the Nyx display again, and swatched the Tea Rose stick blush. It's a similar color, though far pinker. But it was $20 less, and its still a lovely, natural looking flush color.

The last things I swatched was the brow products. First, I tried the Anastasia...everyone is raving about it. I have a pencil from her that I adore, so I figured that I would love the pomade. Well...confession time: I didn't. It is super wet. For someone who wears more makeup than me, its probably perfect. But I have this weird thing about obvious makeup (its why the "bold" looks I do really aren't that bold.) I knew, just playing with it in the store, that it wasn't for me. The lovely sales lady suggested the Tarte stuff, because it was a little drier. I fell in love. It is perfect. The color is great, and the formula is just dry enough that I get a natural-yet-defined brow. (there will be a full review coming soon!)

So tell me, what do your hands look like after a trip to a cosmetics store?


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