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Embroidered Emerald

I seem to be falling into a bit of a pattern with stamped manis that look like fancy curtains.  What can I say?  I'm a creature of habit.  I've done a brocade, a damask, and...a girdle?  This is what happens when a fabric nerd raises a nail nerd, I guess.  I just can't help myself and I've done another!

This is Revlon 1000 Volts over Ulta Green With Envy, using Cheeky European Romance.

I test polishes like this for stamping potential almost as a rule now.  1000 Volts, from Revlon's new Electric Chrome collection (swatches soon!), looked so good stamped on the black plastic box that holds my stamping gear that I had to try it out over something dark.  Black would have worked, but I'm trying to knock off untrieds, so I used this older Ulta shade (got it in a swap a while ago) instead.  Out of season, I know, but it's always the right time for something this gloriously vampy as far as I'm concerned.  I started with the last image in the fourth row of European Romance, but I've gotten so hooked on the "infinite" style of plates (like these by Pueen or this by MoYou) that I wanted a little more variety than I could get from just this image.  I did the rest of my nails with the third image in the sixth row, positioning and rotating it to mimic the infinite look.

1000 Volts is gold on its own, but shifts gorgeously over dark colors like this.  I'm torn on whether to swatch my picks from the collection over black or on their own.  I love the way that the flecky, foily finish looks like metallic embroidery when it's stamped.  Sumptuous!  Not the least bit reminiscent of Spiderman...but...oh well.

Love love love this for stamping!  It was one of so many where I spent a silly amount of time wiggling my fingers around.

As usual, I fell in love all over again when I mattified it.

The shift is so much more obvious this way!

The gold pops beautifully in sunlight too.

I may need to go back and grab the two from this collection that I skipped...and maybe a backup of 1000 Volts!


  1. i love brocades and damasks, do them all you want!

    1. lol I have no plan to stop! :D They're some of my favorite full-nail images.


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