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This One's For Mr. Chow-guh-guh

I haven't mentioned it much on here, but I am a diehard Mad Men fan.  I'm one of those weirdos who watches over and over and over and over and over and over and over and notices all kinds of little things.  I've been meaning to do nails inspired by the show for ages, so this little nod might be the first of many.  If you don't watch, this mani might seem too "Seventies" for a show set in the Sixties.  The current, *sob* final season is set in 1969 and it's amazing how the style of everything changed so drastically over the last couple of seasons.  My inspiration came from a character's office in season 6.  There's a gloriously earth-toned wall hanging (second photo - spoiler warning if you're not caught up) in direct view from his door, so we see it looming there pretty often.  It's distracting, but in a good way, and I've wanted to do a mani of it for a while.

This...isn't it, but my nod toward it started with my SFW mani from the previous night.

Sinful Colors Nude has so much nail art potential that I felt overwhelmed and asked my IG friends for a nudge in a specific direction.  My fellow NB'er picon_08 wanted me to go retro and my mind went right to Ted's office.  I didn't go for exactly the same look, but took my initial color scheme from it.  Player 4 picked the image I used, the second in the eighth row on Cheeky European Romance.  I tested a few color options, but the thin lines on parts of this image weren't transfering well until I tried Essie Little Brown Dress.  The "leadlight" technique has been creating a buzz recently, so instead of creating decals I just dotted the jelly-ish Sally Hansen Clay (one of the new spring Rodarte collaboration shades) over the "holes" in the pattern.

See what I mean about the transfer issues?  It was way worse with the other polishes I tried.  I wanted to leave it like this, but the defects were just glaring at me and getting on my nerves.

Meh.  I grabbed a favorite shimmer topper, Revlon Gold Coast, to help hide the flaws.

I was worried that the shimmer took something away from the look I wanted...until The Beard came home.  He noticed them almost right away and said I had "70's hotel wallpaper nails".  I triumphantly agreed!  It only grew on me after that.  I love it now!

By Friday I was really sad to see it go.  Thursday's usually my big swatching day, so this usually wouldn't have lasted that long, but my fridge decided to act up and my usual routine was disrupted.  I managed to empty the freezer (for the second time in two weeks) with all of my nails intact...but then broke a nail on my right hand when the maintenance guy's heavy-duty thermometer thing took a swan dive off the top of the fridge.  I tried to catch it.  Derp.  At least it's the right hand.  He was really apologetic and said it was a shame, since they looked so nice.  He said his wife gets hers done pretty often and he was shocked when I told him I did them myself.  I wound up having to explain stamping to a middle-aged handyman.  Funny when that kind of thing happens, isn't it?  It always makes me feel so self-conscious!

So today's little end thingy here...what's the most unlikely nail conversation you've ever had?


  1. This is fantastic!! I love Mad Men too, have been watching since day one. I was thinking the other day that it is strange that no indie companies have a Mad Men collection (that I know of anyway).Good work!!!

    1. Awesome! I didn't start until the marathon before season 2, but I was hooked from that day on. I have so many idea for Mad Men polish, but...I never get around to actually making it. And thanks! :D

  2. Most unlikely? When I was in first year of High School (ooooh, thooose days!) & a teacher scolded me, saying I was too young to wear acrylic nails. Then I told her they were MY nails & had just painted them the night before.
    She apologized.

    1. lol I remember those days too. I used to get called a freak for wearing blue, green, etc on my nails and doing nail art.

  3. It totally reminds me of some of the decor/room dividers in the shady hotel rooms Sam and Dean stay in on Supernatural ! Yay

    1. I've never watched that, but I know the kind you mean!


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