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Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: Review, Swatches, and My Face

Not long ago, HSN has a great deal on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. $29 for the palette and a full sized Shadow Insurance (which retails for $14-$20 depending on where you buy it) I had been eyeing this palette for a while, but after getting the Naked 3, I was shy about spending another $49 on a neutral-ish palette. Lucky for me, I follow the hell out of Nouveau Cheap who generally keeps the world up-to-date on all the good sales.

the box. It should have been wrapped in foil.

Keep on reading for pan porn, a fat cat, swatches, and a Chocolate Bar look-of-the-day!

solid packaging

It comes in a surprisingly sturdy metal case, which I was glad to see. The other Too Faced palette I have lives in a cardboard box, just tempting me to squash it. It also looks like a candy bar, which my kids and husband were kinda tickled by. The only drawback, when compared to some other palettes, is that is doesn't come with a brush. I am actually OK with this, because the last thing I need is another mediocre brush that was just tossed in there to give the illusion of "more value!"

When you open it up, the first thing that hits you is the smell of a warm hug from a delicious friend.  I have the Chocolate Soleil bronzer, and it smells just the same. It is fabulous. Thankfully, I don't find it transfers much to the skin. Otherwise, I think people would be sniffing my eyes...and that would be weird.

There are 16 colors here, and while not original or un-dupe-able, they are very lovely and decently pigmented. There are a few shades here that I wish I could have put into the Naked 3 palette, because they apply so buttery and happy. There are, unfortunately, a couple that have a bit of a crumbly finish. Not so much that I find it off-putting, but enough that I will require clean-up when using those.

Overall, I think this is a great palette. The colors are nice, pigmented, and wear well. Over primer, they stay vivid and true for hours and hours. If you are looking for a warmer neutral palette with some variation and fun, this one should definitely be on your list.

mmm...delicious eyeshadows.

L: over Nyx Milk/ Center: over Shadow Insurance/
R: bare skin

L: over Nyx Milk/ Center: over Shadow Insurance/
R: bare skin

L: over Nyx Milk/ Center: over Shadow Insurance/
R: bare skin

L: over Nyx Milk/ Center: over Shadow Insurance/
R: bare skin

my lovely assistant

felis grumpus

And now, my face.

what caused these faces, I will never know
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