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My Daiso Haul: A Shampoo Brush?

Another thing I picked up at Daiso was this funny little brush. Its supposed to be a scalp brush/shampoo brush. The idea behind it is that you massage your scalp while shampooing, and it stimulates blood flow and cleanses your hair more thoroughly. I had been looking at them on Amazon for a while, but I couldn't justify the cost. At $1.50...I couldn't not buy it.

My hair definitely needs help. Thanks to some superawesome medication that I sort-of need to live, my hair has thinned a lot in the last few years (hence the super short haircuts of late). I figured that any extra blood flow to my scalp couldn't be a bad thing. It might not do anything, or it might make all the difference. It couldn't hurt to try it.

Its a hand sized, neon pink piece of plastic with a removable, soft, rubbery comb on one side. It has a little handle, but all that does for me is keep the brush from rolling off the shelf in the shower. The comb has two holes in it to keep water from being trapped inside (I'm guessing), and it pops off easily to allow for complete drying.

To use is, you simply apply shampoo to your hair and then rub the brush gently around your head. Because my hair is so short, I can go in circles. But if your hair is longer, you should probably stick to straight lines. I may test this out on my youngest child, because she has long hair, to see how it works with hair-length-hair. I also use it to massage the conditioner into my scalp because I often have a dry, itchy head.

The only drawback so far is a weird smell. It has a strong plastic scent to it, but that is happily dissipating with use. It doesn't leave my hands or my hair smelling, so I don't think that will be an ongoing problem.

My Thoughts:

I've used this for a week now, and I have definitely noticed a difference. Not in any hair-growth sort of way, but in a "my hair feels cleaner and happier" sort of way. I don't have to wash it daily, because I think there is less oil on my scalp thanks to this thing. My scalp is also less itchy and dry, because I've been using this with my conditioner as well. Comfort is almost as important as actual results, so I am declaring this a win.

Now for pictures...but not of my head.

the instructions

thats a quarter, for scale


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