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Pinspired: Sundress

It's Pinterest time again. My brain is in a bit of a fog lately, so I've been needing a jump-start for my creative engine. Thank goodness for Pinterest, because I can browse without having a specific thing in mind...and I always find something interesting.

Keep reading to see the whole thing.

My Inspiration:


My Version:

Colors Used:
Octopus Party Peach Buzz
China Glaze Liquid Leather

I did this by cutting cosmetic wedges into rectangular-ish shapes. If you try this at home, don't freak out when they look curled...if you leave them alone for a few minutes, they will return to their normal shape. I dabbed the square shapes into a puddle of black polish, and simply pressed it to my nail. I wish that I had been able to do smaller squares, as the length of my nails kept me from doing the proper gradient effect that the dress is rocking.

Then I added NYC Matte Top Coat...and it became almost perfect. I only wish I had thinned the black with clear polish, and maybe used smaller squares.


  1. I loooove this! It's a simple idea but it looks amazing! I am pinning this on my "designs to try out" board if you don't mind because it looks awesome ;)

    1. Hell no I dont mind! I love pinterest, and am proud to grace your board!

  2. can you tell me where to get the dress? Loved it so much!

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