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Sally Hansen Tulle Kit and Take The Leap

Nothing stops me in my tracks like finding a polish display I've never seen online.  Zeus and I were out shopping for valentine's dinner ingredients for our special guys when an endcap at Wegmans startled me with THREE new Sally Hansen displays.  Pastels aren't my thing, but I took a look at Pastels On Pointe anyway.  I look at everything, because you never know.  It turns out that three of these LE shades have flecks in sheer, milky bases.  I'm a sucker for anything I think I can layer, so I stalked CVS until they showed up there and I could get a better deal.  It took a little while for CVS to put them out, but I wound up buying these two after a surprisingly long deliberation.  Tutu Pretty didn't come home with me because it seemed too pink and Piqué Side's shimmer looks like it would be hidden on the nail.  Now that they're showing up more widely, it's time I showed you guys Tulle Kit and Take The Leap.

Tulle Kit has dense blue and purple fleck shimmer in a blue-tinted milky base.

over OPI Mermaid's Tears

I had trouble figuring out bases for these two!  The first time I wore Tulle Kit, I put it over my "mannequin hands" nude, Revlon Trade Winds.  It looked...ungood.  If you're cool-toned, it might look good over your nude, but it really didn't look right over mine.  Tutu Pretty might work better for warm-toned hands like mine.  Sadly (very sadly), they don't look good over dark colors either.  The bases are just milky enough that it limits the layering options.  The tint doesn't affect the color below, but there's a cloudiness that you can see over a dark base.  I lucked into Mermaid's Tears at another CVS over the weekend and got it for just $2.50 after ExtraBucks.  Yay!  It was too perfect as a base for Tulle Kit.  Love that timing.  Once you've found a flattering base, the actual application is really good.  The flecks go on easily, evenly, and without dragging or digging.  It's a shame it's got this milky base, because the flecks are stunning.  This is just one coat of the topper!

over OPI Mermaid's Tears

Take The Leap has a lilac-tinted milky base packed with purple, pink, and blue flecks.

over Milani Purple Martin

I had an even harder time trying to find something for under Take The Leap.  Purple Martin probably wasn't ideal, since it is impossible to photograph accurately.  This is just close-ish for it.  Oh well.  We're here for Take The Leap, not its undies.  Great formula on this one too, but I'm grousing over the milky base again.  If I could put these intense, beautiful flecks over a bolder color, it'd be love.  As it stands, I'm a little bitter.

over Milani Purple Martin

Bottom line: If you like pastels, go get 'em!  They're ideal for layering over spring's soft colors, but have very limited potential for other layering.

Notice anything different?  About damn time, isn't it?


  1. I still haven't found these or the LE triple shines in my area. I did find some LE Xtreme wear gutters, Diamond shine, and Insta drys though.

    Love how hidden your watermark is. I didn't notice at first.


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