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Too Damn Subtle

I love doing subtle stamping, but there's subtle and then there's this...

Those are full-nail images, believe it or not.  I loved Sinful Colors Beatnick topped with NYC Sweet Candy Shimmer Blast so much that I wanted to do something even more awesome on top.  This was close, but far.  I used Pueen "buffet" plate 56 and Sephora by OPI Keep Me On My Mistletoes.  It was only slightly more visible in person and I'm kicking myself for not using a bolder gold.  I don't think I can call this a complete dud, but it's not a success either.  Let's spend a little more time squinting at it...

Sulking, I mattified it in the hope that it would magically fix the invisibility problem.

Not really.  Blah.

I mean...kinda...  At least you can tell that some of these shapes are stars now.

...sorta..., not really fixed at all.  Boo.

I love this plate though!  I might wind up doing something similar in festive-ish colors around xmas, if I haven't forgotten by then.


  1. It sort of looks vintage-ish, like the stamped part has faded over time. If that makes sense. I need to find Beatnick even tho it totally reminds me of a bunch of other colors.

  2. I would be excited to see another stamping mani with this plate to get the full effect of the plate. :-)


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