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My Picks from Wet n Wild MegaRocks

Back in early January I tried out one of Wet n Wild's new MegaRocks glitters, Stick It To The Man, and wound up loving it so much that I decided to try a few more from this new permanent line.  I wound up getting four more, but I got a bad case of layerer's block and finding bases I liked for these took way longer than I'd ever have expected.  Like I mentioned in my previous review, they just don't have as much going on as Stick It To The Man.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the only issue I had with them.  Nichole tried Creative Control and Slap The Bass and had a lot of the same difficulties.  I'm not writing this line off entirely, but beyond Stick It To The Man...well...please read on and see.

Waiting For My Solo has three sizes of gold hexagonal glitter.

over OPI Scores A Goal!

If you have a really good memory, this might look slightly familiar.  This combo was part of one of the jelly toppers I showed you guys last month.  It could have been an evolving nail all on its own, but the different stages got spread out between posts, starting with OPI Scores A Goal!...the order was just a little screwy.  I feel like this is a "good news first" situation.  I like Waiting For My Solo and didn't have the issues I had with some of the others.  Getting the glitter where I wanted it took a little dabbing and it did clump a bit, but it was manageable.  I also really like the tone of the gold.  I don't think I have another gold glitter quite this color.  It's a little darker and "softer" than the usual bright, brassy gold.

Wet n Wild's big boast about this line is that they don't need top coat.  Anyone who's ever worn glitter polish before knows to raise a skeptical brow over something like that.  I decided to see for myself and let Waiting For My Solo dry a little on its own before top coating it.  I have to say...not too bad.

no topcoat

You can see it's not the smoothest result ever, and it would probably get a little bumpier as it dried fully, but really...not too bad.  That's easily the best thing I can say about this line overall, they're not "thirsty" and don't take a ton of smoothing.

no topcoat

Obligatory-ish matte photo...

Gettin' Amped has small and large silver and large black hexagonal glitter.

over Butter London Lady Muck

Another that was part of that jelly toppers post, only this will be completely backwards if/when I ever post my swatch of Lady Muck.  Something about Gettin' Amped falls ironically flat for me.  I think it looks kinda clunky and bland after things like Sally Hansen Silver Streamers.  I've realized over the past year or so that I'm weirdly picky about glitter.  I like variety in size, shape, and color.  In general the MegaRocks just don't have enough for me.  I also had some application issues this time around.  This end result here was more glitter than I'd originally wanted to put on.  I had to dab to cover spots where it simply refused to be brushed on.  The glitter also bunched together, which I think you can see.  It's not bad, but I'm not impressed either.

Its redemption came when I added matte top coat.  This is more like it!

Jam Session has small lilac and large and small purple hexagonal glitter.

over Love & Beauty Dark Purple

I feel like I tried Jam Session over everything for weeks.  I kinda did.  The mix of lilac and purple made it really difficult to pair with a base.  The combination of cool/dark and warm/light was frustrating.  It seemed like no matter what I put it over, you couldn't see both glitter colors well.  I don't really feel like I got past that, since the lilac hides a bit here.  Blah.  I had the same bunching and dabbing hassles with Jam Session as I had with Gettin' Amped.  The glitter's also somewhat sparse, which I think made the bunching even worse.

Somehow I forgot to mattify this one.  Blame the frustration, I guess.  Have another glossy one where you can still only sorta see the lilac glitter.  *sigh*

Slap The Bass has small and large teal hexagonal glitter.

over Sinful Colors Nice Stems

Slap The Bass combines every problem I had with this line and has even less visual interest than the others.  It's decidedly sparse and what glitter there is clings to the other pieces.  It took a lot of pushing and dabbing and fiddling and re-dabbing to get it to look decent.  I like the end result over Nice Stems, but it wasn't worth the effort.

I'll give the MegaRocks line this much, they look cool mattified.

And while we're here, let's look at Stick It To The Man again...

over Hedy's Purple Nurple

It's weird seeing how short my nails were, but this was four months ago.  Time really flies, doesn't it?

Bottom line: Of the five MegaRocks glitters that I've tried, I can only strongly recommend Stick It To The Man.  It's awesome and I wish the whole line was like it...but it isn't.  Of the other four, Waiting For My Solo is the only other one that gets a thumbs up from me.  They do need top coat, but they don't need much.  The base is decent.  It's the sparseness and bunching that pretty much kill this line for me.  I won't be buying any of the remaining four.

Have you tried any of these glitters yet?  What did you think of them?


  1. I definitely like Stick It To The Man - it reminds me a little of the old version of Essence Glorious Aquarius, but with square glitters! Gettin' Amped looks cool matte, too. I'll make sure to watch for a sale for these.

    1. Stick It To The Man is terrific, but yeah, I'd say wait for a sale. They're in the core display, so they'll be around for a while.

  2. I have Gettin' Amped, it didn't require top coat at all. I love that it goes with everything!


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