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Spring Break (non-silly version)

I hope you guys got as much of a giggle out of my little April Fool's gag as I did yesterday!  I worried it might be a little too subtle, especially since the thing that inspired it was NSFW and I decided to leave it out.  I felt a little bad using goofy props to show off some really lovely polishes, so I figured I might as well post the "real" photos today to make up for it.

Love & Beauty Dark Purple is a dark purple (who'd have guessed?) with dense blue and pink microfleck shimmer.

This is really a stretch of "spring-ish" since it turned out darker than I'd expected.  It's quite sheer and I needed three coats for opacity.  I'm almost 100% sure that it's long-gone, since I think Forever 21 changed their polish line considerably at some point since my last trip to the mall.  They're not in the L.A. Girl bottles like this anymore, but a square one like CoverGirl.

Orly Bailamos is a light-ish teal with a fine, dense teal shimmer.

I've been trying to remember where I got Bailamos, but I'm drawing a blank.  I wanna say it was Marshalls.  I know I found it at CVS during their huge Orly clearance last year, but the jerk behind the counter said it was full price and wouldn't budge from that opinion.  Harrumph.  I was really grumpy about that, since it was one I'd wanted for a while and I thought I'd be getting it for a good price.  All I know is that I found it somewhere at some point and here it is.  I know a lot of people miss these old bottles, but I never liked that ugly gray cap.  As for the polish itself, it applied really nicely and without brushstrokes or streaking.  I love it!

FingerPaints Owlin' At The Moon has pale green foil shreds in a clear base.

I...I don't know!  I bought Owlin' At The Moon during a Sally Beauty clearance event on a whim.  It was part of the same collection as Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Application was kinda frustrating, since the shards want to bunch together.  I wound up dabbing it on with the brush.  Do I like it?  Dunno.  It's unique, I'll give it that much.

Milani Peacock is a sky blue cream.

I love the color of Peacock, but not the formula.  It bubbled and went on thicker than I like...but it still needed two coats.  I may thin it before wearing it again.  It's from last year's Fantastical Plumage collection which never made it onto the blog because I found it at CVS oddly late and...that seasonal issue again, I just didn't feel like swatching my picks from it in September.

Sation Videogame Vixen is a mix of silver and black microglitter and small-ish hexagonal glitter in a clear base.

This was a Marshall's find a while ago.  I have sizeable regrets over putting a bottle of Ego-friendly back on the shelf...and then never finding another, of course.  This is why I have so much polish.  I hate that feeling, so I wind up shrugging and buying pretty much everything that even vaguely interests me.  Videogame Vixen applies easily and is probably more wearable than Ego-friendly, since it's got a clear base, but I'll always wonder what might have been....or maybe I'll just buy it on ebay.

NYC Pure Orchid is a deep, yet vibrant purple cream.

LOVE!!  I had a little bubbling, but I'm hoping thinning might help that.  This is two coats and I'm crazy for its intensity.  Hope I can make it work next time.  It's from the '12 Color Rush collection, which was new right around the time I went really nuts for polish.  *sigh*  Memories...  It feels like forever ago!  I'm glad they didn't keep doing this style of bottle though.  That huge cap is awkward!

OPI Significant Other Color has a sheer lilac base with dense green-to-pink duochrome shimmer.

I love this OPI duochrome shimmer a little too much.  I also have Fireflies and Sonic Bloom, even though the shimmer in all three is probably the same stuff!  I don't even care, it's that pretty.  Of the three, Significant Other Color is (I think) the only one that's available in the "Big 3 Free" modern OPI formula, which my bottle is.  Lungs be damned, toluene makes such a difference in the application!  Compared to its similar black label sisters, Significant Other Color just doesn't apply as smoothly or as evenly.  I do prefer the Pro-Wide brush though.  It's still beautiful, even if it's doing its best to hide Pure Orchid's slight bubbling.  I think we need a second photo...

I think the last photo in the joke post was the first thing on the blog that I've ever done "for" The Beard.  He laughed really hard when I told him my idea about using weird props, even suggesting a few himself.  That last one is a bottle of Cherry Dr Pepper dessert topping, which we bought as a joke pretty early on in our relationship.  I don't think it's ever been opened, but it's become a go-to for laughs.  Whenever someone says their dinner "needs...something", wonders what to put on a salad, etc someone else (usually him) will usually either suggest the Dr Pepper topping or hand it over.  When he saw it in my post, he laughed again and gave me a hug.

This year I didn't see any really outstanding jokes on the internet in general (like 8-bit Google Maps in '12) or in the polish community (like Scrangie's extra finger last year), but I did see a couple of good ones.  Imgur won the general category, I think, with the Viralizer.  In the polish sphere, my favorite was Scrangie again, with some new trends.  I was gonna do a cat hair mani, but changed my mind over the weekend.  Good thing I did, because that's what Vampy Varnish did!  A YouTube'er did one too, I think.

What were your favorite jokes, pranks, and gags this year?


  1. I liked that with reddit's, if the webcam detected a cat, it entered cat mode. It was amazing. And yours made me giggle! I enjoyed it.


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