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What Happened To Spring?

I put the air conditioning on yesterday at around 4pm.  It's April.  It's not even Tax Day yet!  The weather reports are emphasizing that this is just a fluke and predicting a high of 48 on Thursday...but it was 80 yesterday.  The Beard becomes a complete jerk if it's over 75 in the house, so I sighed and switched the AC on.  The good thing about this weird little warm spell is that two not-so-springtimey gradients that I've had in my folder for a while seem more appropriate now.  I didn't set out to do summery things, they just kinda happened.  At least now it doesn't feel too soon.

When I swatched OPI Red Hot Rio, I couldn't resist doing a gradient with I Sing In Color.

As if I wasn't dazzled enough by Red Hot Rio on its own!  I only did this gradient on these four nails, to play with the swatch, but man was I tempted to do a full mani of it.  I may have to someday, maybe in the actual summer.

Since I was reluctant to take it off, I decided to add a little something more to it first.  A coat of Cult Nails Deception seemed perfect and I love it even more with this ephemeral purple glow.

The second one's a little different, NY&C Inverness over a nude-to-black gradient.

I did this as the base for a butterfly-themed thyroid disease awareness mani for a fellow Nailboarder.  She had her thyroid out recently, but seems to be recovering well.

Inverness is an older shade and not in New York & Company stores anymore.  It's too sheer to be worn on its own and layering it over a gradient gave it a more variable than it would have had over just black or nude.

Color-wise, I'm 100% ready for summer.  Weather-wise?  Hell no.  I'll be relieved when this warm spell ends tonight.  Too soon!


  1. I cannot get over how smooth your gradients are. And sheer polish over a gradient? I never would have thought of that. You're a genius.

  2. lol Thanks! :) I'm pretty sure I've seen others do it first. I'm not sure why I get them this smooth. It might be because I use a smooth plastic sheet, part of à report cover.


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