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Pinspired: Jimmy Choo

Most girls like shoes. It's wide-spread enough to be practically universal. I am no different, though I can't wear heels these days. I still look at sparkly shoes and Cinderella with bad credit. When I saw these on Pinterest forever ago, I fell in love. But that heel...I'd probably break my neck in the first seconds.

Thank goodness I have nails and glitter!

My Inspiration:


My Version:

Colors Used: 
OPI Crown Me Already!
Zoya Taylor

I used a small paint brush to paint meandering lines of glitter over a nude base. My middle finger got away from me a bit, but the rest of the fingers look pretty good. If I had a supply of rhinestones, I might have been able to replicate it a little more faithfully, but I am happy with my final product.

less direct lighting. Looks like a matte coat...
I should have added a matte coat.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I've had this pin'd forever. I think I need to get some rhinestones and try again.

  2. I like your nails more than the shoes! Great job!!

    1. Haha awesome! I think I'd agree, if not for that middle finger. (see kids, this is why you should have a plan!) I would have redone it, but this glitter is tough.


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