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Three SFW Sheers

With the slightly warmer weather that we're finally starting to get (sometimes), a lot of my go-to SFW polishes have felt a little heavy...if that makes sense.  It's the nail equivalent of switching from tights to stockings now that winter's over.  Despite my usual thoughts on wearing sheer shades while I have long nails, I've been playing around with them a bit to see if I can't change my mind.

OPI Glints Of Glinda is a sheer, pale nude beige.

G. from Nouveau Cheap got me thinking of this one.  She linked to an older post that it shared with NYC Shimmer Blast (thanks, G.!) because they've put out a new shade of that topper this year.  That will be on the blog soon-ish, but I didn't have it yet when I wore Glints Of Glinda again.  This is three coats and I definitely prefer it on shorter nails!  In some light it looks ok, but other times it makes my nails look dirty or stained.  I still really admire its formula though.  It's so even for something so sheer!  I've been tempted to try an American manicure with it sometime...and maybe I will at some point.  This time I topped it with an old Sally Hansen Hard As Nails shade called Hard-ly There instead.  I had the same issue I'd had on Friday, so I don't have photos of that combo, but at least now I know what caused it!

Cult Nails Mazo is a sheer light honey beige with gold microfleck shimmer.

This was one of TEN retired Cult Nails shades I bought during an epic $3 clearance sale they had early last month.  I'm still pretty new to this brand, but I love every one I've tried so far!  I debated putting Mazo over a more opaque nude base, but decided that I wanted to see it on its own first.  It's exactly what I'd hoped China Glaze Fast Track would be.  That makes me look almost greenish somehow (though maybe I'd like it more now that I'm used to neutrals), but Mazo is super flattering!  I used three coats and it went on beautifully.  I will probably wear it over another nude next time, but I'll absolutely be wearing it to work again.

Sally Hansen Polar Bare is a warm-toned off-white sheer.

I think Polar Bare was a Big Lots or maybe Bed Bath & Beyond clearance find.  I know I paid around $2 for it, since it's one of the older Complete Salon Manicure shades from before the reformulation.  It's not one of the ones that survived the overhaul of that line, but it's probably on ebay for almost nothing if you have an urge for it.  You can see from my photo that it's a little streaky, especially in comparison to the two before it, but it's way better than I expected a sheer white-based shade to be.  (Looking at you, Essie Waltz...)  This is four coats, but two or three would probably work if quick-dry top coat was used to reduce the streaking.  That would give a sheerer result.  I'm genuinely surprised that it looks decent on me.  I think it's just warm enough to keep me from looking freshly dead.  I'm not sure if I'd wear it on its own like this, but I can see myself using it as a base for shimmers and other sheers for work.  If I do wind up attempting an American or French with Glints Of Glinda, this might be the tip color.

Do you prefer your nudes and neutrals sheer or more pigmented?  Personally, I still prefer creams or crellies when my nails are long, but I do like sheers when they're shorter.


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