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Wayne Goss is a Damned Genius

Like the title says, Wayne Goss is a genius...and maybe a witch. I am undecided. Recently I went on a shopping field trip with a friend, who had amazing foundation. She told me she tried a new way to apply it, and she learned about it from Wayne Goss. I found the video the next day. He described a new (to me), possibly heretical, way to get a flawless foundation look. This immediately caught my interest. My skin is problematic on its best days. Anything that might make it better is worth trying, at least once.

My Results:

The video can be found here. (I tried to embed it, but it was off-center.) Basically, he suggests that you moisturize, prime, POWDER, then apply foundation. What. The. Hell. No! Everything I've learned from every article/blogger/youtube video tells me not to do that. If I did, I'd end up with crumbly, cakey, terribleness. How dare he fly in the face of conventional wisdom?! But my friends face looked amazing...all afternoon. Well shit. I might as well try it, I've got makeup remover.

It. Was. Amazing.

no weirdness. even around my nose!

My skin is uneven. It is dry and flaky, and my nose is scarred from many years of sun exposure. Putting foundation on is generally not the happiest moment of my life. Add to that my glasses, which erase spots of foundation on either side of my nose...and you'll see why I was willing to try just about anything.

After I got out of the shower, I applied my Cerave moisturizer and sunscreen. After waiting a few minutes, I applied my primer (the Nyx green stuff. Boo redface.) and powdered over it with my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. Then, against my better judgement, I applied MAC BB Cream with a Beauty Blender over all of that. Holy shit, guys. No caking. No glooping. As-close-to-flawless-as-I'll-get-on-my-budget face!

I actually like this picture.

my Tardis-phone says 9:46

I decided to give this a proper test drive, to see if it really would last all day long. I got up unreasonably early, showered, and applied a full face-o-makeup. Then I wore it all day to see how it held up. I took all the pictures above at 9:45 am on a rather humid Saturday.

(The pictures above actually show my second adventure with this heretical method. The first time, I used regular foundation (Bourjois Healthy Mix) and I think I prefer the results. Foundation seems to set and wear better.)

The next few pictures were taken at 10:52pm.

I'm sorry for the weird lighting...bathrooms are terrible.

It settled into my pores a little bit, which is a bummer. But this is not bad for 11 hours of wear, I don't think anyway. Regular foundation did perform better, settling-wise, but not much. I had powdered my T-zone with my Nyx HD powder before I took my earlier pictures, and then didn't touch it for the rest of the day. I'm pretty impressed, overall.

My blush/contour is a bit faded, but far less than it would be after 11 hours with my normal application method. I didn't lose any eyebrow, which is good. (I'm trying to change the shape a bit) My skin felt amazingly smooth, even after all this time. I think I'm converted. If this is wrong, dammit I don't want to be right.

ignore the pores in my cheeks and check out the lack of
weird on my nose where my glasses spent the last 11 hours
sitting. Amazing!

I figured that Friday is a great day to post thing. If you are going out tonight, try it! I can almost guarantee that you will be in love...and look flawless at the end of the night!


  1. Woah. Okay, I have got to try this method out. This goes against everything I believe in, but I'm gonna give it a shot!


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