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One Palette, Five Days

Sometimes, when you have too many things, you lose sight of what you have. You forget things tucked away in drawers and boxes, and go buy another new thing to use once. I'm guilty of that. I probably have 20 different eyeshadow sets that I've used less than five times. In an effort to get some use out of my pretties and challenge myself a bit, I've decided to only use one eyeshadow palette for a whole week.

Of course, I didn't choose an easy one. I chose Floral Values from Wet 'n' Wild. Purples and pinks. This should be interesting.

it is bright in my room. I often glow.
*be warned kids, this is a long one.

Day One:

It isn't required to start out with freshly dyed hair, but it doesn't hurt either. Though if I had been thinking ahead a bit more, I might have used pink instead of teal for my roots. I used the crease, definer, and brow bone colors for this look. I used the base color for, base. I also attempted to do a bit of a wing with my eye liner. It's hard and it makes me angry. For my lips, I used Revlon Lip Butter in Invite Only (which was that green sparkly one) and Revlon Matte Lip stain in Shameless. I only filled the outer corners of my lips for a gradient effect.

I think I nailed the contour.
Day Two:

I started out wanting to use the shadows as liner, over Nyx Milk. Then halfway through I changed my mind and decided to try that "halo eyes" thing that was floating around r/makeupaddiction a few weeks ago. It turned out...OK. For the lips I grabbed some random "raisin-esque" lip gloss from Bare Minerals. I got is as a deluxe sample an eon ago. I can't recommend it, the staying power was meh. I used Nyx Mosaic Blush in Dare for my cheeks. I really like that one, because its bronzey and pink and great for when you are lazy.

Day Three:

The weather here has been super rainy all of a sudden. Not that I'm not glad, we need the rain. But it does make taking pictures pretty difficult. Two whole days had to be postponed because it was too dark all day long to get a decent picture. Day "three" happened during a brief break in the clouds.

Since the weather had me and the kids housebound, I decided to go a good deal heavier than I normally do. At least with the brows and lips (which are Revlon Matte Lip Stain in Shameless). For my eyes I used just a light wash of the lighter purple, some winged liner, and Nyx Milk for my lower waterline. For my cheeks, I actually used a little of the eyeshadow. I just took a duofiber brush and lightly swished it across the palette. I don't think I'd wear it like this in real life. I am toying with my brows, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and over-do them completely. It's a fun look, but way too over-the-top for me.

I actually like the eyes though.

Day Four:

This look was literally done in 10 minutes...including my hair. Because of weather and general feeling-shitty, my fourth look took place on Saturday. Saturday mornings I have a photography class and my eldest has softball practice, so it's a busy morning. I used the definer shade as liner, and just swept some of the darker medium purple through the crease and a bit at the outer corner. It could definitely use more blending, and more effort...but I was in a hurry! For my cheeks, I used the Nyx mosaic blush again (it was still out). I used Nyx Tea Rose on my lips. (It is fast becoming my favorite lipstick!) I don't think I even curled my eyelashes!

getting up early doesn't agree with me.
I can even see remnants of the previous days mascara here.

Day Five:

(don't even ask when I actually did this. Lets pretend I didn't forget about it for a week or two) I decided since it was the last time I'd have to use this palette alone, I might as well do something bright. I used the darker pink through the crease and outer corners with quite a heavy hand, and then some purple on the outer 2/3 of my lid. I then added black kohl liner all the way round, with a heavy hand again. I was feeling a little silly, and decided to add some idea why. They distracted the hell out of my husband, which is amusing. My lipstick is BiteBeauty Violet. Its amazing and you should buy it right this second.

please ignore how much my hair color has changed.

trying to change my brow shape. Opinions?


  1. I think the last look is my favorite, although you really did a great job of showing just how versatile one palette can be! I like your brows on Day 5 the best... I actually think they look very natural!

    1. those are my favorites too! I may try this again with a less challenging/more pigmented palette.

  2. Day three is my favourite! That lip colour looks amazing on you and I like the light wash of pink on your eyes.

    1. Aw thanks! days 3 and 5 were sorta throwaway days...but I'm thinking I should wear more bold lipsticks!

  3. I'm really digging day 3 strong brow! I think it looks really good on you! Only thing I mould suggest it doing the tail ends more similar to day 5. You can see the pencil at the tail ends and a little at the other ends by the nose. But other than that, they look fuller and really almost add a sort of balance or youthfulness or something that I can't quite put my finger on, but that I'm really digging!

    1. my brows are in a state of flux right now. I'm trying to straighten the arch out a bit, hence the weirdness in the center. But it seems like the stronger brow is a crowd pleaser, and I'd be a fool to ignore so many people saying the same thing!


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